Thursday, June 26, 2014

T-Mobile Free iPhone for a week

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T-Mobile has taken the competition to the next level, they are now handing out free iPhones for a 7 day trial with their "T-Mobile Test Drive" promotion. It is their latest extreme promotion that have shake the telecommunication industry in the United States. T-Mobile is the 4th largest wireless carrier in the U.S.

The "T-Mobile Test Drive" promotion will give future customers an iPhone 5S that the company will lend to them for 7 days with unlimited data to test drive their service.

You can sign up for the promotion online here. If you didn't like it then you can just return the phone at any T-Mobile store with no charge.

However, in order to avail this promotion you will need to provide your credit card number to get a phone. If you returned a damaged iPhone you will be billed $100. If you did not return it at all, you will be billed $699.99 plus applicable taxes. 

T-Mobile has also announced that they will let customers stream unlimited music through Pandora, Spotify and other services without it affecting their data plans. has comprehensive listings of coverage map